Elephant Trunk Nebula - Palladium Print
Born in Manchester, Melanie King is a working class artist and curator.
She is Lecturer In Photography at Canterbury Christ Church University and Artist In Residence at the School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham.
She is co-Director of super/collider, Lumen Studios and founder of London Alternative Photography Collective.

Melanie focuses on the intimate connection between celestial objects, photographic material and the natural world. She researches sustainable processes to minimise her environmental impact, following the Sustainable Darkroom movement.
Her PhD at the RCA on "Ancient Light: Rematerialising The Astronomical Image" considered how light travels millions of years to reach our photosensitive materials and comprises analogue photographs of star-scapes and astronomical images. Her research included collaboration with London’s UCLO Observatory, Kielder Observatory and Boulby’s Laboratory for Dark Matter Research.
Melanie has participated in residencies in Iceland, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Lake District (UK) and Cornwall (UK), and has visited the Mount Wilson Observatory, Carnegie Archives and Hale Solar Laboratory in California, USA as well as the European Space Agency in Leiden.
Now based in Ramsgate she takes inspiration from dark skies, dramatic sunsets and a tumultuous sea. 
She is represented by the Land Art Agency.
Find out more on Instagram @melaniekatking

This talk is part of a series of Hexham Photography Group online talks in 2022-23, following their success during the pandemic.
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