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Hexham Photography Group are joined for an online talk by local Teesdale photographer Graham Vasey.
Graham’s work is inspired by the landscape and the complex relationship between man and the land. His aim is to create pictures that draw from the atmosphere of the landscape rather than being purely editorial. To achieve this he has explored the far north of Scotland and Iceland as well as the wild Northern Pennine landscapes near his own home.
Graham’s makes his images using analogue and alternative hand printing techniques because of the unique quality of the final piece that he can produce in this way. That includes using liquid silver emulsion, wet collodion and salt prints. 
See for examples
Favourite cameras include a trusted old Hasselblad 500cm, a faithful companion for many years, an ancient battered MPP 5X4 large format camera and a host of old folding and twin lens reflex cameras.
A great opportunity to hear from a local photographer exploring the analogue approach.
More about Graham on Instagram 
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